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8P A3 Air Ride Install: AccuAir e-Level -

Air Lift - Whiteline - Zaetech

Monday, July 13, 2015

This 2006 Audi A3 came into the shop pretty much stock. The owner wanted a reliable air ride setup with only a few requests. Retaining the front sway bar was a must and he wanted a simple false floor trunk setup with easy access to the spare tire and jack. In addition to the parts list below, we also notched the passenger side front frame rail, rolled the fenders and replaced a leaky radiator. This was a fun install and the positive reaction and excitement from the client when he picked it up was equally rewarding, enjoy!


AccuAir e-Level controller w/ touchpad - black

AccuAir power supply kit
AccuAir VU4 corner valve kit

Air Lift 3/8" DOT air line

Air Lift 8P A3 double bellow rear kit

Air Lift 8P A3 slam series front struts
Air Lift 8P A3 slam series rear shocks
Air Lift aluminum 4 gallon tank - polished

Air Lift compressor isolator kit

Dual SMC water traps - 1/4" NPT
Dual VIAIR 444C compressors

Tank drain kit

Underwraps Automotive front sway bar brackets

Whiteline adjustable front sway bar end links

Zaetech DigiGauge - red LED display

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