Clutch & Flywheel
Inevitably the time will come to replace the clutch in your foreign vehicle due to normal wear and tear or your engine puts out substantial power beyond the maximum holding capacity of your current clutch setup. We offer OEM clutch kits from Sachs, Luk and Valeo in addition to aftermarket OE equivalent clutch kits. These kits include a clutch disc, pressure plate and OEM throw out bearing and are available with or without a new dual mass flywheel or single mass flywheel depending on the application. Besides OEM replacement clutch kits, Self Made Solutions offers high performance clutch kits from the most reputable brands. Options (where applicable) include, but are not limited to: full face or puck disc; sprung or un-sprung disc; single, twin or triple disc; organic, ceramic or kevlar friction material and steel or lightweight aluminum flywheel (all kits include heavy duty pressure plate and OEM throw out bearing). If you are looking for a great price on a clutch kit and/or professional installation look no further!

[Volkswagen Mk6 Golf R - HS Tuning RSR performance clutch kit and freshly resurfaced OEM Sachs dual mass flywheel.]

[Volkswagen Mk4 K04 1.8T (AWP) - Clutch Masters FX400 6 puck sprung ceramic disc and lightweight aluminum flywheel.]

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