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[Snap-on/John Bean VPI™ System II Wheel Balancer]

[Snap-on/John Bean EHP System V Tilt-Tower Tire Changer]

Wheel Balancing:

  • 120lbs Maximum Wheel & Tire Weight
  • 20" Maximum Wheel & Tire Width
  • 44" Maximum Wheel & Tire Diameter
  • 40" Maximum Tire Diameter
  • 14" Maximum Wheel & Tire Width
  • 10" - 24" Wheel Diameter

Tire Mounting & Dismounting:


Wheel and Tire

At Self Made Solutions we specialize in full OEM and aftermarket wheel and tire service for cars and light trucks. Our facility houses a tilt-tower tire changer and computerized wheel balancer from Snap-on/John Bean. These high quality machines are manufactured and assembled in Italy. The tire changer features self-centering nylon-covered clamps, nylon protection on mount/dismount head, dual clamping cylinders, three position bead breaker and pneumatically-controlled mounting column and bead assist. This allows us to mount and dismount most tires including high-performance, low-profile and run-flat safely and without any accidental damage to the wheel. Protect your investment and have the peace of mind knowing your wheels are safe from the potential damage that can occur with a traditional tire machine. The wheel balancer features proven Virtual Plane Imaging™ technology providing unsurpassed accuracy within 0.1 oz ensuring your wheel is precisely balanced the first time. We also offer flat tire diagnosis and repair.

[Tire stretching offered for off-road use applications only.]