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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge per hour?
Our current labor rate for general service, repair and installation is $80.00/hr. Fabrication labor rates may vary. Basic diagnostics such as a complete system scan of all on-board computer modules for trouble codes and basic coding starts at $30.00 per session. We strive to offer competitive pricing and will always try to match or beat a competitor's written estimate within reason.

Do you provide a warranty on the work performed on my vehicle?
We guarantee all of our work and back it with a 12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty. Some parts provided through Self Made Solutions may carry a separate warranty that either extends beyond or is less than the warranty period. In those instances, the term of the manufacturer’s warranty will apply only to the materials, and the workmanship will be subject to the warranty period.

What are your business hours?
We are available by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Vehicles can be dropped off during non-business hours using the secure key drop box.

Do you accept walk-ins?
We do not currently accept walk-in quests. We are available by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please contact us to schedule an appointment or for a free consultation/estimate.

Can I wait while my vehicle is being worked on?
We are currently unable to accommodate "waiting" customers. You will need to drop the vehicle off and pick it up once the work has been completed. Due to liability reasons you cannot remain on the property and wait for your vehicle. For local customers we can arrange transportation to and from the shop. We realize this is not ideal and may not work for every customer therefore we plan to offer a comfortable waiting area in the immediate future. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we are always willing to work out a solution regarding scheduling conflicts and transportation arrangements.

When am I required to pay for the work being performed on my vehicle?
This is determined on a case by case basis. General rule of thumb, if we have to special order parts they need to be paid for in full prior to being ordered. The cost of parts we have in stock and labor do not need to be remitted until the work is complete only if the vehicle will be in the shop for less than 25 days. Extensive projects exceeding 25 days may require a deposit. Once a vehicle is complete the invoice(s) must be paid in full and the vehicle must be picked up within 5 business days of being notified. Failure to comply may result it additional interest and storage charges. This is our strict company policy and there are NO EXCEPTIONS! Please contact us for additional information.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash and all major credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). We accept checks (personal, certified, bank) and money orders however the funds MUST clear before the vehicle can be released back to the customer. We also accept PayPal and Square Cash.

What is the best way to get in contact with you?
The absolute BEST way to reach us is by text message to (717) 669-0708, email or 'Chat' (bottom right). You can always expect a quicker response using these forms of communication as it gives us the flexibility to have a conversation with you while still handling our day to day obligations with minimal interruption. With that said please do not hesitate to give us a call, if we are unable to answer please leave a message and someone will return your call. As a small business it is often difficult for us to keep in constant communication while working out in the shop however your business is very important to us and we try to respond to all inquires within 1-2 business days.

Do I have to take my new vehicle to the dealership for maintenance?
No! It is a common misconception that you must have your regular scheduled maintenance performed at the dealership in order to retain your vehicle's warranty. We are able to do all the required maintenance services on your vehicle without affecting your warranty. We strongly suggest you keep record of all invoices and follow the required service schedule outlined in the vehicle owner's manual in order to provide proof in the event of a warranty claim. We cannot perform warranty repairs, factory recalls, technical service bulletins or campaigns at zero cost. If we feel you may be eligible for free warranty repairs we may refer you to visit your local dealership's service department or we can perform the repairs for you at our normal rate. Some repairs may require a special computer and/or tool that communicates with the manufacture's server in order to complete the repair, unfortunately these types of repairs we cannot perform in-house and will require a visit the dealership. Please contact us for additional information.

Can I supply my own parts or materials?
We strongly encourage customers not to supply their own parts or materials. The reason for this is because we cannot help you in the event there is an issue with the product(s) you supplied. We ONLY install and sell the highest quality parts available and we work very closely with the manufacturers and distributors. This means in the unlikely event of an issue with parts or materials supplied by us, we can and will help you to the fullest extent. We will install customer supplied parts or materials however we will not provide a warranty on the work performed unless otherwise stated.

Do you offer discounts?
Yes! We always encourage customers to contact us any time they are interested in products or services and we will do everything we can to offer you the BEST deal possible. Find it cheaper? We will match or beat the price!

Do you charge for estimates and consultations?
No. Estimates and consultations are always FREE, contact us!

Are you going to drive my vehicle?
More often than not we will need to drive your vehicle to assure quality workmanship and safety or to diagnose driveability issues. In order for us to be able to drive your vehicle on public roads you will need to be sure proof of valid vehicle registration is in the vehicle and the state inspection is current. Without valid vehicle registration and state inspection we will not drive your vehicle on public roads. Therefore we may be unable to guarantee workmanship and will not provide a warranty on the work performed.

Can you install my tires that have a 'stretch' fit?
Yes however we can ONLY perform this service on off-road use applications. Please contact us for more information.

Can you 'notch' my frame for additional axle clearance?
Yes however we can ONLY perform this service on off-road use applications. Please contact us for more information.

What do you charge to install tires?

  • We charge $5.00 to dismount a single tire, $5.00 to mount a single tire and $5.00 to balance a single tire.

  • If you have two tires that need to be replaced we charge $25.00 to dismount the two old tires and mount and balance the two new tires.

  • If you have four tires that need to be replaced we charge $45.00 to dismount the four old tires and mount and balance the four new tires.

  • If you have wheels without tires on them and only need tires installed we charge $10.00 to mount and balance each tire.

New tires sold by Self Made Solutions are subject to the PA New Tire Fee of $1.00 each. Old tire disposal fee is $2.50 per tire. Pricing to install tires that "stretch" may vary.  Pricing does not include PA sales tax (6%) and is subject to change.

Can you source used parts to be used on my vehicle?
Yes! We are able to source quality used parts including engines and transmissions. There is typically some type of warranty included from the supplier on the part ONLY. In the event a used part becomes defective during the supplier's warranty term (including DOA) a replacement part would be supplied for free but the labor to install it would be out of pocket.

Will performance parts or modifications void my vehicle's warranty?
The short answer is no. The longer answer isn't quite that cut and dry. By law a dealership must prove that aftermarket equipment caused the need for repairs before it can deny warranty coverage. If the dealer is able to prove that an aftermarket part, improper installation or modification directly caused a component to fail they will charge you for the diagnosis and the part(s) and labor required to repair the vehicle. If the aftermarket part or modification is unrelated to the failed component the dealership cannot charge you for the repairs or void the warranty on the part.

For example, you put aftermarket lowering springs on your vehicle and several weeks later you notice a noise while driving so you take it to the dealer. The technician discovers one of the front sway bar end links is snapped in half. The dealer will most likely rule that the aftermarket springs put excessive stress on the sway bar link causing it to break and will not cover it. This would only affect the suspension warranty on that part and nothing else. Now with the same scenario lets say the technician discovers the noise is not coming from the suspension but from a faulty engine mount. The engine mount failure is not related to the aftermarket suspension therefore the dealer would have to replace it under warranty.

In our experience it comes down to two factors: the dealership and the technician. Some dealerships are not as open to working on modified vehicles and regardless of the dealer you choose there may be technicians who are not comfortable working on modified vehicles, fearful that the manufacturer may refuse to pay a claim. You want to find a dealership that is known to be "mod-friendly" and hope your vehicle ends up in the hands of a lenient technician. There is a large gray area when it comes to what is correct and what is incorrect on this subject. The best advice we can offer is do your own research, weigh out the pros and cons and make an educated decision based on your specific situation. Just always be aware that any type of aftermarket part or modification may have adverse affects on your warranty in one way or another.