[Radiator assembly and support temporarily removed, OEM intercooler removed to be replaced with upgraded FMIC, intake manifold temporarily removed for intake valve carbon buildup cleaning service.]

[Before and after intake valve carbon buildup cleaning service.]

[Forge Motorsport wastegate actuator installed on F23T turbocharger.]

[Front and rear fenders rolled to fit newly refinished VS-XX Work Wheels.]

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[Steve Petty Motorsports FMIC Kit without radiator installed.]

[HPA Motorsports core interlock performance pendulum mount (80A durometer urethane).]

[Installing the yellow actuator spring rated for 10-15 PSI base pressure.]

[Flashing the ECU with Driver Motorsport 2.0T FSI K04+ software using the Driver-Programmer V1 via the OBD2 port.]

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Mk5 GLI Upgrades:

Driver Motorsport - F23T - Forge HPA - SPM

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The owner of this 2008 Volkswagen Jetta GLI 2.0T FSI first reached out to us back when we were located in Manheim in early 2013. After some lengthy conversations over the course of a year or so we decided ~340whp built on a budget was the plan. Utilizing the Frankenturbo F23T hybrid turbocharger and Driver Motorsport ECU remap we were able to achieve great results without sacrificing reliability or killing his wallet.

This vehicle came into our facility as an APR Stage 2+ car already equipped with 3" TBE, BSH true seal intake, BSH PCV delete, South Bend stage 2 clutch, Forge DV with relocation kit, BSH oil catch can, ARP HPFP and RS4 FPRV. Unlike other software competitors who require expensive S3/Golf R Bosch HDEV 1 injectors, Driver Motorsport is able to safely tune F23T/K04+ using factory injectors with plenty of head room. This means other than the turbocharger this GLI only required an upgraded FMIC (SPM) and a Bosch 3 bar map sensor! Of course we didn't stop there though, this GLI also got a Driver Motorsport driver-programmer, Forge WGA, HPA core interlock pendulum mount (80A) and an intake valve carbon buildup cleaning service PLUS fitting a set of newly refinished VS-XX Work Wheels!

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The wastegate actuator found on the BorgWarner K03 and K04 turbocharger on 2.0T FSI based vehicles is failure prone to leak boost. This leak causes sporadic boost control that can damage the turbo from an overboost or overspeed condition. The same can be said for the OE equivalent wastegate actuator found on the F23T hybrid turbocharger. To solve this problem we are replacing it with a Forge billet wastegate actuator. Once the preload has been set to the desired cracking pressure Driver Motorsport is able to create a custom ECU map with precise boost control while retaining the stock N75 valve.

UPDATE: Frankenturbo has since addressed this issue and the F23T now comes with a revised WGA.

[Driver Motorsport 2.0T FSI K04+ software requires use of the Bosch 3 bar manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP) found on the Mk6 Golf R in order to control boost pressure greater than 2.55 bar of absolute pressure.]

[Driver Motorsport Driver-Programmer V1.]

[Direct injection fuel injectors being serviced using OEM parts and tools.]

[Steve Petty Motorsports FMIC Kit with radiator installed.]

[Completed engine bay.]